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What is Web Hosting? Best WebHosting Sites List 2016

Web hosting is one of the main factor in the success of any blog/website. Most of the People in my Facebook Profile, Keep messaging me that what is web hosting? Or what is Hosting? So, that is the reason today I am awake at 2 am and writing this post for all the people in my Profile and the ones who doesn’t know what is a webhost. Get the best web hosting sites list 2016 here.

best web hosting sites list

I will explain what is web hosting or web host and also give the best Web Hosts available today in 2016, So Keep reading Further.

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What is Web Hosting?

Web Hosting is a thing that allows a Normal Person to publish a website or a webpage on the internet. A web host or a web hosting provider or a service is a business that provides the services or the technologies for a website to be published on the internet and seen  by the world. Get the best list of web hosting websites here on this page.

Best Web Hosting Services in 2016

Finding a Good Host Service is a very Hard Task for everyone.There are a plenty of web hosting services available in the market right now but today we are going to help you find the perfect host for you 😉 Now, If you want a great deal or a discount on your Hosting, Then Do Buy them with the links provided below. Below, I’ve shared the best web hosting websites list 2016:

#1 Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean is one of the best Hosting available in the market right now. Every Pro blogger or an affiliate marketer is now using Digital on ‘one or more’ blogs of them. This Hosting Service has the least down time and  has the  best customer care support. If you are interested and want to buy this hosting, Then, Do Buy it from the link down below for a Special Deal or a Discount.

#2 BlueHost

Bluehost is another great hosting which can be used. It is a trust worthy hosting service. This is a big player in the market now. One more thing I like about bluehost is that it has the ‘Official’ Partnership with If you want this hosting for a low price than the regular one, Then Refer to the link down below!

#3 Hostnine

Hostnine is becoming the new game changer in the hosting market place right now. It is a cheap and reliable hosting service and has a 45 Day Money back guarantee which many other hosts do not provide. Hostnine can also get your site migrated for free from an another if you are on a different hosting service. Get this hosting with a very special discount from the link down below as soon as possible.

#4 Hostgator

Hostgator is the most trusted brand in this market now, People Trust this hosting company because of their superb customer care service and Hostgator is the best Host Site for newbies and beginners as its User Interface is really very good. You can get a Discount on buying Hostgator hosting from the link down below easily


Every Hosting Service has its own Pros and Cons, It is ‘You’ who select the best host on your needs. The Only advice I would say is, Please do some research and then buy as then, when you’ll buy randomly, You will just end up wasting your hard earned money.

In My Opinion, I would suggest Digital Ocean because it is the best web hosting sites list today in 2016 and all my blogs are hosted on that hosting only! Stay Tuned! Keep visiting for more.

Top 5 Alternatives For Digital Ocean of 2016

Hello, Everyone! Welcome to MarsBoards. Do you own a website or a blog? Are you looking for the perfect host which can suit you rather than Digital Ocean? Get the best digitalocean alternatives in this article.

Finding a Good Host is a very hard task and there are chances that you may end up getting a shitty host with 20% of Downtime in a month?

Well, There are a Plenty of hosting companies available in the market today and not everybody can understand Digital Ocean because of the complicated User Interface and other advanced features which are hard for a common man to understand.

digitalocean alternatives

That is the Reason Today, We are Presenting The Top 5 Best Alternatives for Digital Ocean of 2016

Note: Everybody has their Personal Opinion and Not Everybody may like the Hosting Companies listed below, So Please Read the Full Details and then Choose your Perfect Host or You can get a refund by the 30 Day Refund Policy which many Hosting Providers Follow.

#1 Bluehost

Bluehost is the Most Popular Hosting Service used after Digital Ocean, It is a Trusted Hosting Service and a Big Player in the market Today. There are Several Pros and Cons of every Hosting Service and this hosting has it too. This hosting service has many security options and is the ‘official’ Partner of Just For our lovely Readers, You can get this hosting by using our link given below for a great deal.

#2 Hostgator

Hostgator is another ‘known’ name in this Market as People trust this hosting service the most because of its Decent Customer Care and easy to use functions and a smart and simple UI. And, Let me tell you guys, It is the best user friendly hosting for newbies or Beginners. If you want a Great Deal and want to save some bucks on this hosting then use the link given down below

#3 SiteGround

SiteGround is another great hosting because of some additional and some rare hosting provide, This hosting supports the blog to get integrated with Cloudflare for better performance and Security purposes. The  best thing about this hosting is that they have awesome customer service. Get a Superior Deal for this hosting by buying this hosting from the link down below

#4 A Small Orange

A Small Orange was founded in 2004 and a big name in the market now. It is a great hosting but has a strange name 😛 But still, It is recommended by many experienced and Pro Bloggers and Affiliate marketers as it gives a good site uptime and some awesome features. Buy this Hosting from the Link Down Below to get a Great Discount!

#5 eHost

eHost is also a great hosting but there are certain pros and cons for this hosting, It is an affordable hosting and was giving a 50% discount till October 4, 2016. This hosting is not for the ones who have the sites which require high storage like Software or Games Download Sites. You can buy the hosting from the below link to get a great Deal.


Every hosting is great in its own forms, It is ‘Your’ Requirements on which hosting you would choose. At the End, I would just say, Buy the hosting which suits your requirements and you don’t need to regret later.

Stay Tuned.

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